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The great Vindications

Chinese language was accused as the worst language in the world by both the Chinese philologists and the Western sinologists. Yet, at the time of my initial work on “Chinese etymology”, I did not know about the above fact. After I learnt that fact, I have written some weekly newsletters on the issue, and they were posted in this blog.

Two months ago, I met a few Chinese at LinkedIn while they were discussing the book  紅樓夢. I found out that that book was also wronged for the past 200 years. Worst yet, those who wrong that book are the same people who wrong the Chinese written system. Thus, I have decided to write a book to vindicate these two (Chinese language and 紅樓夢). Now, the first draft of this book is done and is available via the links provided. The first two parts of the book are written in Chinese. The part three is written in English.
    (the great Vindications)
                     ----   為 “紅樓夢” 與 “漢語文” 平冤

(Part one) 沉冤大白 --- 為 “紅樓夢”平冤

第一章: 評 “紅樓夢” 的 三大原則
第二章: 普世價一 (宿命與自由意志)
第三章: 普世價二 (性事、愛情 與 儒家神學) 
第四章: 先評 “中國的三大奇書”
第五章: “紅樓夢” 的宗旨 --- 三綱
第六章: 原書 與 續集
第七章: “紅樓” 的仙佛世界 與塵世的因果報應
第八章: 色、 情、 淫與 意淫 (一)
第九章: 色、 情、 淫與 意淫 (二) 
第十章: 色、 情、 淫與 意淫 (三)
第十一章: 紅樓中的儒家禮教
第十二章: 紅樓中的仙佛因果與緯讖
第十三章: 高鶚的續集 與 老紅學

(Part two) 沉冤大白 --- 為 “漢語文” 平冤

第十四章: 百年沉冤 “漢語文” 
第十五章: 語言學的 夢想
第十六章: “一二三萬” 的語文
第十七章: 丟死人的 “沉冤” 
第十八章: 最偉大與完美的 “語法”
第十九章: 最偉大的語文

(Part  Three) 沉冤大白: The new Chinese Etymology

Chapter 20 ----  The background history before this new Chinese etymology
Chapter 21 ----  The claims of this new Chinese etymology
Chapter 22 ----  The only  axiomatic human language
Chapter 23 ----  About  形 聲(phonetic loan) and 會 意(sense determinators),
Chapter 24 ----  Accommodating a verbal universe by the written system
Chapter 25 ----  The evolution of Chinese etymology and the verifications of four premises
Chapter 26 ----  The Conceptual Language and Super Unified Linguistics paradigm
Chapter 27 ----  Wrong to the young students! (誤 人 子 弟)! 
Chapter 28 ----  500 examples of this new Chinese etymology (available in paperback only)

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